Pavlovka pinhole fest 2020

‘Love in the time of cholera’

Oekraïne => 28 augustus tot 13 september In Kiev

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This year, the theme for the festival is “Love in the Time of Cholera,” drawing inspiration from the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Using photography as a tool of magic realism, we explore intricacies between love and the transience of being, interspersed with the distortion of time, or even, its collapse. We express the emotions and impulses of a human as a social being.

Each of us undoubtedly has something that we love, that holds us steady in this world, even when the flag marking cholera – mortal danger – is raised. And even if this danger has swept the whole world, has changed our usual ways of being, turned everything upside down – let it be. Because there remains something inside, that will not allow our ship to stray.


'Weeping Garden"